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Discgolf and frisbee sport

About discgolf

Even though you have never played disc golf before, you have probably heard the term. In short, it's like golf stuck with discs (frisbees), instead of hitting a ball, you throw the disc. You must get around a course on the lowest number of throws. If you like to exercise, disc golf is the sport for you. If you are also a competitive person, you will not be able to resist the temptation to go out into the woods and fields and try to put the plastic in those chains. In the world of disc golf, there are both hot-time professionals and exercisers. The great thing is that anyone can play at any time and against anyone.


Popularity of the sport

It's an easy sport to start with. All you need is a disc (frisbee) and then you can go out and start playing but it can also be very complicated. Its simplicity and complexity have made disc golf a popular sport and it is growing steadily. The Swedish Disc Golf Association is the latest to publish figures that show that there are an estimated 30,000 active players in Sweden. The reason for the popularity in Sweden is, among other things, that municipalities are building more and more tracks in and around exercise tracks to increase activity and security around these areas. However, the sport is incredibly much bigger in our neighboring country Finland. There are an estimated 100,000 active players there.


Disc golf courses can consist of 6, 9, 18 or 27 holes. Courses with shorter holes are perfect for practicing close-ups or going for a walk with the children. The courses that are full length can also have different distances on the drafts so that the degree of difficulty can be adjusted, e.g. if you who play are at different levels. If you are a beginner, we recommend always throwing from the shortest draft to get more out of your round. You have a greater chance of making good results and in this way it becomes more fun to play and the technology settles better and you develop faster.

You can find disc golf courses by searching using your favorite search engine.

You end a hole by throwing the disc (frisbee) in the basket. The basket consists of a steel stand with chains that hang down in the basket itself. If you hit the chains, the disc usually falls into the basket. You then add up how many throws you needed to get from the draft to the disc being in the basket. The road to the basket can be tricky. You may encounter obstacles such as water, trees or other vegetation. The wind can also be a tricky factor out on the track. A hole on a disc golf course can be from 30-40 meters to 250-300 meters.

Read more about how to choose discs, different grips and throws and about the history of disc golf.



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How to choose the right disc

If you have been playing disc golf for a while, you probably know what you like and what you do not like in the disc golf offer. If you have just started, it is not entirely easy to choose a disc. We will try to make it as easy as possible for you. In the beginning, it can be easy to fall into the speed trap. You choose a disc with high speed to be able to throw away the plastic as far as possible. It is important to remember that a high speed disc requires significantly better technology to keep it on track as intended.

There are three different types of discs. Putters, midrange and drivers. Drivers are also divided into fairway drivers and distance drivers.


The rim of a putter is a little higher and rounder. It has greater air resistance, it goes straight and lands well in the chains.



Midrange discs are a bit thinner and more aerodynamic. This allows you to throw it a little harder. The distance is longer than a putter but you still have control.



Drivers are thinner and created to hover long and fast. It is much more aerodynamic than putter and midrange. It cuts better through the air but is harder to control. Distance driver goes further than a fairway driver.


When you are a beginner, you can go far with a putter and a midrange. It can be good to get several different putters and midrange discs so you can test and learn how the different discs behave depending on their flight numbers, in different wind conditions and the profile in general.

When checking midrange discs, it may be time to step up and try a fairway driver or lighter distance driver. Try to read as much as you can before you buy a disc so you do not go out too hard. It will make your learning curve steeper and you will have a lot more fun.

Here you can find our beginner friendly discs.

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