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The Idea

As a college student at Emporia State University, Jeremy Rusco had a simple goal - he wanted to find a way to pay for his newfound interest in disc golf. Discs aren’t that expensive on their own, but building a bag and collecting backups can add up on a student’s budget.

Who We Are Today

Today, Dynamic Discs serves as home to nearly 50 employees between the retail store and Dynamic Distribution, over 100 sponsored players, a full bag lineup from beginner-friendly to the professional-grade Ranger, several cart options to haul your bag and other accessories, baskets that range from portable and affordable to tournament-standard, and a disc line of more than 30 molds to complete any player’s bag. We’re constantly working to help players become better disc golfers through our social media presence, YouTube videos, and educational programs.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our journey, and we hope to share in your disc golf journey with you!

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