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Anax ESP Paul McBeth

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NOTE The colors vary. The Anax Big Z-line is the third disc in Paul McBeth's series of discs. A strong overstable fairway driver with a sharp rhyme as a distance driver, but with the feel and precision of a fairway driver. Strength is also part of the name, Anax was a giant in Greek mythology. According to Paul Mcbeth, the name agrees well with how the disc flies. Anax is a mix of Predator's overstability and Vultures distance and controllability. A mold that really has the caliber to win competitions with according to Mcbeth. If you are new to disc golf, you should wait a while before testing this disc.

A Fairway Driver to Trust

Disc golf is very much about strategy and an ability to minimize risk. You simply want to throw away discs that are reliable. Throws that require precision and length are not to be played with. Often you can easily get into trouble with wrong decisions or poor disc choices. Maybe you want more than you can handle. If you can handle an Anax then it is a very good disc. Reliable, controllable but it also gives you distance.

Paul Mcbeth wanted something he could control the fairway with. Anax was the third disc in his own series, which was first made in the plastic ESP. Each disc is made of several different plastics. Some are in a premium version, some are more affordable. The ESP plastic is a premium plastic. It is extremely durable and fairly easy to grip. Discs, frisbees, can behave a little differently depending on wich plastic it is made of. We at Discgolf.nu also offer Anax in the Big Z-line, which you can find here

Controll the fairway as Mcbeth

When you throw Anax, you throw with control! Its pointed edge makes Anax very reminiscent of a distance driver, but it also has a rather narrow rim like a fairway driver. If you do not have a disc that you can easily control on the fairway, do as disc golf's number one, and throw Anax. 


Manufacturer / Distributor: Discraft

Approved Date: Jun 19, 2019

Certification Number: 19-50


Max Weight: 177.6gr

Diameter: 21.4cm

Height: 1.7cm

Rim Depth: 1.2cm

Rim Thickness: 1.9cm

Inside Rim Diameter: 17.5cm

Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.6%

Rim Configuration: 29.75

Flexibility: 10.45kg

Item ID:

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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