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Active Disc Golf Set

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Product Description:

Active Disc Golf Set

Frisbee golf in everyday speech but disc golf is the right term for the fast-growing sport. If you have not already
tried this fantastic sport, it's high time now. Together with the whole family, you can enjoy nature in a fun way.
To start playing disc golf, a few discs are required. Click here to learn more about differences between different discs.
To be able to go a round of frisbee golf, disc golf. It really only requires a putt & approach as well as a midrange.
If you want, you can also use a fairway driver to possibly be able to throw a little longer.

What does the set contain?

- Putt & Approach: Sensei. A stable putter that is easy to throw. Sensei Active is a disc that flies straight and reliably. It is a very good choice for you who do not play that much.

- Midrange: Maestro. Is a fairly flat midrange with a small bead, this means that the disc will help the disc in the air but also you will have a good feeling when the disc leaves your hand. Maestro Active has a rather slow flight path in the air with a fade that ends the disc flight path.

- Fairway Driver: Magican. For a start, it's good to try to learn the technique of disc golf. Then it is good to throw discs at low speed. It is often said that a beginner should not throw with a speed that is higher than 5-6. This makes Magican Active a good disc for you who also want to use a Fairway Driver. It is a stable and straight driver with a small fade.


The plastic Active

Orienteering in the jungle around frisbees, discs can be a challenge. This disc golf set is a good start. You get everything you need to be able to go for a walk with family and friends. It allows you to learn how the discs behave when you throw and practice your technique. Each disc is a mold, a mold of a disc. Different molds behave differently. Each mold is also manufactured in different plastics and with different prints. The different plastics differ slightly in how the discs behave. In other words, you can notice a certain difference in how a mold behaves in different plastics. The Active plastic is an affordable base plastic that wears out after you have used it for a while. Base plastics are good to use at first, they are often easier to throw than premium plastics. They also cost less which allows you to find your favorite without spending too much money. Plastics differ in durability, grip and softness / hardness. 


If you want a fun time out in the sun and rain, then this disc golf set is perfect for you.

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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