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About Discgolf

In short, you can say that discgolf is like golf with a frisbee, or disc, instead of a ball and you throw instead of hitting. It involves getting around a course on the lowest number of throws. The sport works excellently as exercise and you get to get out into the woods and nature at the same time as it can be extremely tickling with the competition part. There is everything from full-time professionals to hobby players and it can be just as fun to play, whatever level you are at.


The popularity of the sport

Disc golf is easy to start with. You really only need one disc then you can go out and start playing. At the same time, the sport is extremely complex when you get up a bit in level. This has made disc golf a popular activity today and it is growing steadily. According to the latest figures from the Swedish Disc Golf Association, there are an estimated 30,000 active players in Sweden. A contributing reason why disc golf is growing so much in Sweden is that more and more municipalities are building courses in and around running tracks to increase activity and safety in these environments. Even though it is a popular sport in Sweden, it is nothing compared to our neighbor Finland where there are an estimated 100,000 players.

The Courses

A course can consist of 6, 9, 18 or 27 holes. There are short-hole courses that are suitable, if you want to practice close-up games or want to go for a walk with the children. The full-length courses sometimes have different distances on the drafts, so the difficulty level of the courses is better adapted to the level you are at. An advice for beginners is to throw from the short drafts to the beginning. In this way, you have a greater chance of achieving better results, it becomes more fun to play and you get the opportunity to work on the technology rather than throwing as far as you can.

A list of disc golf courses in Sweden can be found here (external link).

You have closed a hole when the frisbee (disc) is in the basket. The basket is a steel stand with chains hanging down into the basket itself. When you hit the chains, the disc falls into the basket and you add up the number of throws you needed from the draft to the basket. On the way forward, you may be forced to pass obstacles in the form of water, bushes, trees or a tricky crosswind. The holes can be anywhere from 40-50 meters up to 250-300 meters.

Read more about how to choose discs, different grips and throws and about the history of disc golf via the menu at the bottom.

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