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Choose the right disc

If you have been playing for a while, you probably have a clear idea of ​​which frisbees (discs) you like and dislike. If you are a beginner, it can be difficult to know where to start. We give here some tips on what you can think of when choosing discs.

A common beginner mistake is to get a disc with high speed because you want to throw as far as possible. What you have to remember is that a disc with high speed often requires significantly better technique for it to fly as intended.

There are three different types of discs. Putters, midrange and drivers. Drivers are also divided into fairway drivers and distance drivers.


Putters have a slightly higher profile and a rounder edge. This makes it fly straight and it lands well in the chains in the basket.


Midrange has a slightly lower profile and is a little more streamlined than the putter, which means that it can be thrown harder, it flies longer but it is still easy to control.


Drivers are made for flying at high speeds and long distances. It has a lower profile, sharper edge, it is streamlined to cut through the air better but it is harder to control than a midrange or putter. Drivers are available as fairway drivers and distance drivers where, as the name suggests, distance drivers go further.


When you start playing disc golf, its enough to use a putter and a midrange. Feel free to try different putters and midrange discs and learn how the different discs behave when you throw them in different wind conditions, with different power and different techniques. Once you have full control of this, it may be time to use a fairway driver or distance driver. Feel free to read about the discs before you buy them so you do not get a far too difficult disc in the beginning. It will speed up your learning and you will have a lot more fun on the road to becoming a better disc golfer.

Over- or understable

In disc golf, there are three different terms to describe the stability of a disc. Stable, overstable and unstable. To describe stability, we start from a right-handed player who throws backhand (RHBH). A stable disc is made to fly straight if you throw it straight. A disc that is oversstable is made to swing from right to left. The more the disc wants to swing, the more overstable it is. A disc that goes from left to right is called an understable.

Various Plastics

There are a variety of plastics. Each manufacturer has their own types of plastic and the only way for you to know what is best for you is to try it out. The plastic affects grip and feel, durability and stability. It goes without saying that a more expensive plastic has a longer shelf life than a cheaper plastic. In this case, you get what you pay for. But when it comes to grip and feel, it is individual which type of plastic you think feels good to throw away.

In terms of stability, it is the plastic's behavior in different weather conditions that affects. Plastic shrinks when it cools down, which will affect the flight properties of the disc. This means that the exact same disc in two different types of plastic will fly differently depending on the weather and wind. Watch the clip below to learn more about this.

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