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Spend time and grill in a lovely outdoor environment. Get to know your colleagues while you test one of Sweden's fastest growing activities. Together with Discgolf.nu you can learn the basics of frisbee golf, compete against colleagues, while having a very fun day. You will receive help from our professional instructors. We tailor a package that suits your company.

Small - Try Frisbee golf with an instructor. Rental of products is included as well as an instructor for two hours. 5-10 participants SEK 400 / participant ex. VAT. 10 + participants SEK 350 / participant. ex. VAT.

Medium - Learn the basics with the help of an instructor and challenge your colleagues in a competition round. Rental of products, instructor for three hours and prizes for the winners are included. 5-10 participants SEK 500 / participant ex VAT. 10 + participants SEK 450 / participant ex. VAT.

Large - To maximize your experience of frisbee golf, we have this package. You get to learn the basics with an instructor, go on a competition round with colleagues and fun bonus competitions. Rental of products is included as well as prizes for the winners of all competitions. Instructor for four hours. 5-10 participants SEK 600 / participant ex. VAT. 10 + participants SEK 550 / participant ex. VAT.

Options (not included in above prices):

An own frisbee / participant.

Snacks, good to replenish energy levels to stay focused.

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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