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History of Disc Golf

Since time immemorial, humans have been throwing Frisbee-shaped objects. The word frisbee originates from Yale University in the United States. Collage students used old pie tins to toss between each other. The pie tins came from the company Frisbie pie company. This was intercepted by the manufacturer Wham-O for the very first frisbee.

Wham-O called their first discs pluto platter, flying sauces and sky sauces. But when the name frisbee came up in 1957, they changed their name and called all their discs frisbee. The man behind the great success of the frisbee was named Edward Headrick. In 1964, frisbee began to be marketed as a new sport by the same.In the 70's, Headrick patented the chain basket hole. This allowed players who had previously only thrown the innovative product on trees, in trash cans, on picnic tables and around parks, to practice disc golf in a more organized way. The design of the chain basket hole has been improved to what it looks like today.

During the same period as the baskets were created, the first disc golf course was also built. This was built in Oak Grove Park in California, USA. Sweden's first course was built out on Drottningholm, Stockholm. Kärsön's frisbee golf course was inaugurated in 1978. Many different manufacturers of golf discs have since popped up. In Sweden, we have Latitude 64 and the relatively new Kastaplast. Wham-O, which manufactured the first frisbee, is not on the market for frisbee golf products. In the 80's there were hundreds of courses around the world. Today there are thousands. In Sweden, many have opened their eyes to the sport and it is growing avalanche-like.

Today, there are an estimated 3,000,000 players in the United States and about 30,000 in Sweden. The best players in the world today are Paul McBeth, Richard Wysocki, Paige Pierce and Catrina Allen and the very best can support themselves in the sport. There are more disc golf courses in Finland than regular golf courses.

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