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Throwing Technique

Throwing a frisbee has pretty much everyone done. But the technique of throwing a disc golf disc is different. Depending on the type of throw you are going to make, the technique is different. We assume that you will throw a draft.

The first and most obvious is that you do not stand with your nose to the goal. You should have a position where your right shoulder points towards the goal if you are right-handed and throw backhand (RHBH).

The second is approach. To get as much power as possible into the disc, you need to take a few steps before. The most common is to end the approach with a so-called X-step where you put the left leg behind the right leg and then take a step with the right leg as the last step. The X-step helps you use your whole body in your throw. This is visualized in this clip:


The direction of your approach also affects the type of throw you should make. If you throw straight, your approach will be straight. If you are going to throw a hyzer throw (a throw that goes from left to right (RHBH)), if you take the approach from left to right, your body will be in a better position for a hyzer throw.

The most technically complicated part of a draft is the cast itself. It is important to use your whole body, that you stretch properly when you pull back the disc and that you throw through properly. Will Schusterick explains this clearly in this clip:


When it comes to putting, the technique is a bit different. You take no approach and you stand almost against the goal. In more detail, you can study putting technique in the clip below.



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